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Breeders of Champion Smooth & Wire Fox Terriers

At Frenchpark, we are proud of the fact that our dogs are not only great Fox Terriers, but they are also members of our family.  We raise our pups 'under foot', meaning they are around us as much as possible, and they learn how to live in a household setting.  They play with each other and the young ones learn what is expected of them from us, and from the older dogs.  Our Fox Terriers are also great travelers.  Almost every fall we head to Pennsylvania for the largest all terrier dog show in the world, and our newest prospects fly with us under the seat in a 'sherpa' bag.  Our fox terriers are very adaptable and versatile companions.

We strive to enroll our Fox Terriers in Obedience classes.  These are classes that are basic to getting along well with your Fox Terrier. Obedience training is basic training for success in all of the events that are available for our dogs.  Obedience training ensures that our dogs will have good manners at home and in the  community.

Fox Terriers were originally bred for use as hunting dogs.  They were very helpful on the farm in eliminating mice, rats and other vermin.  They were also used in fox hunts where they would follow the fox down the hole and corner it.  Their barking would alert the hunter where to dig to get at the fox.  Their hunting instincts are still very much alive today.  As there are retriever trials for retrievers, there are terrier hunting tests for terriers.  Terrier hunting tests are known as 'Earthdog' tests and are offered by the American Kennel Club.  We also participate in these events, and our dogs have earthdog titles.  In fact, our "Nuala" is a Senior Earthdog and will soon begin the tests for her Master Earthdog title.  She received a Versatiliy Award from the American Fox Terrier Club for having multiple titles (e.g., Champion and Senior Earthdog).

Obedience and Agility are events that FoxTerriers enjoy participating in, and where our dogs have a lot of fun.   Other Fox Terriers we know are great working dogs as Therapy Dogs, and Search and Rescue Dogs .  Fox Terriers excel in just about every activity they participate in.  "Nuala" is also a model who has appeared in the British fashion magazine entitled "Eve".  She is also on the Eukanuba small breed senior dog food bag and can be seen in stores everywhere.  Who knows where she'll appear next?  

When we go to dog shows, we go to have fun.  We breed to produce better Fox Terriers.  We breed to produce our next show dog, not profit.  We are involved in the dog show world for the love of the dogs. 

We are members of:

American Fox Terrier Club
Western Fox Terrier Breeders Association
Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States
Dog Fancier's Club, Inc.
Monmouth County Kennel Club





last updated January, 2010